Celia Cintas

Computer Scientist

My name is Celia Cintas (🇦🇷), I’m a Research Scientist at IBM Research Africa – Nairobi. I’m a member of the AI Science team at the Kenya Lab.

Photo by German Garcia Andrasti

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  • The 33rd International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence (IJCAI 2024)

    Akinwande, V.,  MacGregor, M., Cintas, C., Karavani, E., Wei, D., Varshney, K., Nepomnaschy, P. Using Causal Inference to Investigate Contraceptive Discontinuation in Sub-Saharan Africa.
  • npj Women's Health

    Tadesse, G.A., Ogallo, W., Cintas, C., Speakman, S., Walcott-Bryant, A. and Wayua, C., 2024. Bridging the gap: leveraging data science to equip domain experts with the tools to address challenges in maternal, newborn, and child health.