Celia Cintas

Computer Scientist

My name is Celia Cintas (🇦🇷), I’m a Research Scientist at IBM Research Africa – Nairobi. I’m a member of the AI Science team at the Kenya Lab.

Photo by German Garcia Andrasti

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  • Neurips Workshop Unifying Representations in Neural Models 2023

    Cintas, C., Das, P., Ross, J., Belgodere, B., Tadesse, G., Chenthamarakshan, V., Born ,J., Speakman, S. Characterizing pre-trained and task-adapted molecular representations.
  • NeurIPS Workshop SoLaR 2023

    Rateike, M., Cintas, C., Wamburu, J., Akumu, T., Speakman, S. Weakly Supervised Detection of Hallucinations in LLM Activations.