Celia Cintas

Computer Scientist

My name is Celia Cintas (🇦🇷), I’m a Research Scientist at IBM Research Africa – Nairobi. I’m a member of the AI Science team at the Kenya Lab.

Photo by German Garcia Andrasti

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Big Data Africa School 2023

Big Data Africa School 2023

The Big Data Africa School aims to introduce fundamental data science tools & techniques to talented young science and engineering graduates...

Latest publications

  • To appear in IJCAI 2023

    Kim, H., Cintas, C., Tadesse, G., Speakman, S. Spatially constrained Adversarial Attack Detection and Localization in the Representation Space of Optical Flow Networks.
  • To appear in IJCAI 2023

    Navarro, P., Cintas,C., Lucena, M., Fuertes, J., Rueda, A., Segura, R., Ogayar-Anguita, C., González-José, R., Delrieux, C. IberianVoxel: Automatic Completion of Iberian Ceramics for Cultural Heritage Studies.