My name is Celia Cintas (🇦🇷), I’m a Research Scientist at IBM Research Africa – Nairobi. I’m a member of the AI Science team at the Kenya Lab. 

Photo by German Garcia Andrasti

My current research focuses on the improvement of ML techniques to address challenges on Global Health in developing countries and exploring subset scanning for anomaly detection under generative models.

Previously, I was a grantee from National Scientific and Technical Research Council (CONICET) working on machine learning for populations studies at LCI-UNS and IPCSH-CONICET (Argentina) as part of the Consortium for Analysis of the Diversity and Evolution of Latin America (CANDELA). During my PhD, I was a visiting student at the University College of London (UK). I was also a Postdoc researcher visitor at Jaén University (Spain) applying ML to Heritage and Archeological studies.

I did my Ph.D. in Computer Science in Universidad del Sur (Argentina). Co-chair of several Scipy Latinamerica conferences and happy member of LinuxChix Argentina. Financial Aid Co-Chair for the SciPy (USA) Committee (2016-2019) and Diversity Co-Chair for SciPy (2020-2022).