Celia Cintas

Computer Scientist

My name is Celia Cintas (🇦🇷), I’m a Research Scientist at IBM Research Africa – Nairobi. I’m a member of the AI Science team at the Kenya Lab.

Photo by German Garcia Andrasti

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Latest publications

  • 21st IEEE International Symposium on Biomedical Imaging (ISBI IEEE 2024)

    Benmalek, A., Cintas, C., Tadesse, G., Daneshjou, R., Varshney, K., Dalila, C. Evaluating the impact of skin tone representation on Out-of-distribution detection performance in dermatology. 
  • Neurips Workshop Unifying Representations in Neural Models 2023

    Cintas, C., Das, P., Ross, J., Belgodere, B., Tadesse, G., Chenthamarakshan, V., Born ,J., Speakman, S. Characterizing pre-trained and task-adapted molecular representations.